Press Release

On September 20 “Armavir Development Center” non-governmental organization implemented a public discussion (town hall meeting)  in Gyulagarak community of Lori region in frames of the EU co-funded “Labour Action: Collaborative Effort for Accountable and Inclusive Employment’’  project. The discussion related to the investment of electronic system of labour contracts in the public and private sectors. The aim was to gather participants’ viewpoints on the mentioned reforms and receive feedback for further improvements and developments.
The participants of the discussion emphasized the idea of insertion an electronic system (platform) for recording labor contracts, considering that it should have been done a long time ago.
The importance of the platform is particularly evident for the protection of the rights of workers in the private sector, since the main part of the problems that the platform should solve in the public sector are regulated. And in the private sector, there is a need to increase the awareness and consciousness of both employees and employers, particularly employees, so that they understand that by working illegally, they are deprived of a number of advantages, such as annual mandatory vacation, maternity leave, opportunities to receive a proper pension in the future, etc. 
The project “Labour Action: Collaborative Effort for Accountable and Inclusive Employment’’  is being implemented since February, 2021 by the partnership of Union of ICT Employers, Armavir Development Center NGO and Kiraki Development Foundation with the EU co-funding. The project is implemented in close cooperation with the RA Health and Labour Inspection Body (from now on Inspectorate) and aims to promote labour rights’ protection in Armenia by promoting data innovation and cross-sectoral cooperation.
The project will be implemented in parallel with the Labour Code reforms and will include high tech solutions, civil society monitoring, citizens’ participation and wide awareness campaign. ICT solutions will be created in frames of the project, which will be introduced in the official web-page of the Inspectorate and will be transformative for the oversight of labour rights in Armenia.

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