Call for Research Fellowship EU funded Labor Action Collaborative Effort for Accountable and Inclusive Employment

Armavir Development Center (ADC) by the support of EU funded “Labor Action: Collaborative Effort for Accountable and Inclusive Employment” Project (hereinafter Project) is launching a call for Research Fellowship applications under the Project’s Objective 2: Enhance the capacity of civil society organizations and community active groups to carry shadow monitoring of labor rights observance in private and public sectors to analyse the data accumulated at the Labour Inspectorate and to produce qualitative research products.
The overall objective of the proposed Research Fellowship is to analyze the data accumulated at the Health and Labor Inspection Body and to produce qualitative research products. The products will be published for open access and will also inform policy makers and civil society on major causes and consequences of labour rights violations.
Who can apply?
In order to be eligible for the Research Fellowship, the applicant must be an individual, team, or individual entrepreneurship, and have: 
- Proof of being a student or a graduate of social field, economics, international relations, journalism, law departments or other related studies.
- Previous experience of research works (considered as a privilege)
- Relevant background in the field of labour rights.
How to apply?
The Application Package in electronic versions (Application Form (Annex 1), information on previous experience - CV) must be submitted before July 30  in English language to the following email address:  The Applicants need to indicate in the subject line “Research Fellowship Application”. Incomplete and late applications may be rejected.
Guideline for the Research Fellowship and the application form are available here.


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