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Education in Action: Promoting Yazidi Girls and Womens Right to Education

Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 through Community-Led Interventions - Lead CSO for Armenia

YOUng Power

Increased access to safe abortion in Armenia

Social-psychological support for people with autism in the day care center

Innovative Enotourism Strategies- Lever or Connecting Countries and Boosting Sustainable Regional Development in Armenia

Social rehabilitation services for children with disabilities and their families

Digital tools for youth work

GROW 2020

Support for the home care services for elderly and people with disabilities

Women Economic Empowerment

Increasing the role of civil society in Armavir region

Empowering women, youth and children for deepening democracy in Armenia

Combating Gender- Biased Sex Selection in 3 regions in Armenia

Labor Action: Collaborative Effort for Accountable and Inclusive Employment

Cross-sectoral cooperation for inclusive economic empowerment

Participatory Model of OGP Action Plan

Improving data-driven policy process in the field of labor rights

Erasmus+ KA2 project Inclusive Youth Work


«Youth for youth»

«Boosting Competitiveness of Regional SMEs»

Electronic Management System for ADC NGO

Water use permissions monitoring in Gay and Griboyedov communities

Civil Society Organisations for Stronger Armenia

Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities

Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities

Civil Society Center in Armavir

Promoting the right to education of Yezidi girls and women

Implementation of Community Participatory Rapid Assessment Surveys

Strengthening Government and Civil Society Cooperation in Open Government Partnership to Improve Public Services

Democratic Development, Decentralisation and Good Governance in Armenia

Citizens Participation in Local Budgeting

Renovation of the physiotherapy room for children with disabilities

Local citizens for fair elections

Protecting the education rights of Yazidi girls and women of Armavir and Aragatsotn regions through awareness raising of population and capacity building of teachers

Contributing to reduction of gender-biased sex selection through awareness

Promoting gender equality and combatting domestic violence through the training of community-based institutions in 5 rural communities

Capacity development of the Inter-Community Coalition Dealing with Issues of Children with Disabilities

For quality and accessible inclusive education and social support

Energy saving resident, energy efficient community

Social Partnership for the equality

Step forward to Social services decentralization in EaP countries

Progressive reforms, progressive civil society/ALG

SWIC in the Eastern Partnership countries

Support to Participation and Co-creation of National/Local OGP Action Plans

Building Capacity for Societal Engagement in Nagorno-Karabakh

Strengthening Government and Civil Society Cooperation in Open Government Partnership to Improve Public Services

Partnership for Innovative Entrepreneurial Education

EU4 Civil Society: Energy Efficiency in Armenian Communities

Armavir "Sunrise" Children’s Support Center

Capacity building for parents who have children with disabilities

Partnership for Social Inclusive and Gender Equal Employment Policy

Innovative support for reproductive health

Community uninterrupted irrigation water

Primary Health Care Reform Program

Global call to poverty

Registration of refugees

Music school of Armavir

Support for migrant workers

Assessment of the needs of border villages

Inclusive education

Life can change

Progressive reforms, progressive civil society

Social center for children with disablilities

Youth journalism network in Armavir

Human rights education

Everyones voice is decisive

Supervised local elections

Participatory model of regional development

Participatory anti-corruption monitoring

Monitoring of activities of local self-government bodies

Provision of free maternity care

Անվճար ծննդօգնության տրամադրում

Let us achieve transparent governance

Anti-corruption consulting center

Participatory community model

Let us protect our rights

Promoting peace management and international dialogue

Erasmus +

Էրազմուս +

Intercultural learning and peace building

Volunteer initiative

Active citizen

Youth bank

Երիտասարդական բանկ

Youth participation, promotion of volunteering community initiatives

Research on domestic violence

Research on gender discrimination

Հետազոտություն գենդերային խտրականության մասին

Womens leadership

Կանանց առաջնորդություն

Fight against gender-based sex selection

Համայնքային մասնակցություն տեղական ինքնակառավարմանը

Համայնքային մասնակցություն տեղական ինքնակառավարմանը

Media for informed citizen participation

Info Hamategh