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The mission of the NGO is collaboration for socio-economic progress.

“Armavir Development Center” socio-economic non-governmental organization was established in 2005. The mission of the ADC is “Collaboration for socio-economic progress” which aims to promote the collaboration of public, private and business sectors of Armavir region.
To implement its mission effectively, the organization has adopted the following strategic directions of its activity. `

1.Improvement and consolidation of democratic system`

to promote reduction of corruption risks,
to encourage citizens’ participation in decision-making process,
to increase awareness level of citizens and authorities,
to promote development of local self-government system,
to promote advocacy and rights of society

2.Support of civil society`

to create the citizens’ participation mechanisms in increasing community activities and in decision making process,
to encourage participation of Mass Media in civil awareness process,
to support the capacities development of non-governmental organizations of Armavir region

3.Sustain social and economic development`

to contribute poverty reduction in Armavir region,
to assist the development of small and medium businesses

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Address: RA, Armavir city, Shahumyan 68 a
Telephone: +374 237 23034
Fax: +374 237 23034